I’ve never felt more like a surfer dude in my life! Chris was patient and knowledgeable, and the waves were just right. I highly recommend this surf school to anyone looking to catch some gnarly waves and soak up some serious beach vibes!


I was a total newbie when it came to surfing, but I was able to feel like a pro in no time. I had so much fun riding the waves and learning new techniques. Can’t wait to come back and do it all over again!


Our surf school offers four unique surf experiences for individuals of all ages and skill levels.

For beginners ages 11 and up or those looking to improve their skills, we offer  a Private 1:1 Surf Experience. This personalized experience provides one-on-one attention with an experienced and certified instructor, high-quality equipment, and a safe and supportive environment. The package includes a soft surfboard, leash, wetsuit, and one instructor.

For younger surfers ages 10 and under, we offer the Private 1:1 Surf Experience for Groms. This one-hour introduction to surfing is tailored specifically for children and includes a soft surfboard, leash, wetsuit, and one-on-one coaching from our trained surf instructors.

For surfers who want to experience the thrill of surfing in a group setting of up to 4 surfers, our Group Surf Experience is the perfect choice. With high-quality equipment, a supportive and fun environment, and the opportunity to meet new people who share your love of surfing, this is a great way to experience the stoke of surfing.

For those looking to experience surfing with their family or friends, we offer the Ohana Experience. This private group experience is perfect for up to 4 surfers and includes soft surfboards, leashes, wetsuits, and one instructor to guide you through the waves.

Welcome to your premier surf experience located in Sunset Beach, CA at 15th street on the beach. We specialize in the stoke of surfing where we share our love for the ocean and wave riding. Our surf experience is suitable for all levels of wave riding and offer a great customizable 1:1 surf experience. 

Come surfing with us and you’ll experience:

  • A surf experience with minimal crowds in the lineup, soft waves for learning with an easy paddle to the surf break
  • Professional, experienced, and certified (CPR + Waterfront Lifesaving) instructors dedicated to ensuring your safety and comfort
  •  A customized surf experience to your skill level with progression aimed at developing you into a surfer
  • Premium service and equipment


Our surf school offers the best surf experience in Orange County, CA for several reasons. First, our instructors are highly experienced and certified, with a passion for sharing their love of surfing. They have years of experience teaching all skill levels, from beginners to advanced surfers.

Second, we provide high-quality equipment including soft surfboards by Catch Surf, premium leashes, and wetsuits to ensure that you have the best surfing experience possible.

Third, we offer a range of classes for all ages and skill levels, from private 1:1 lessons to group classes, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

Finally, our beautiful location in Orange County offers some of the best waves in the world, with breathtaking scenery and a fun, supportive atmosphere. All of these factors come together to make our surf school the best choice for anyone looking to learn or improve their surfing skills.